“Believing In Your Dreams” By Indigo Sky

All my life people have complained about my decisions regarding life, love and work. I’ve always been a dreamer and ever since I can remember I have looked at life thru the lens of an artist.  Seamlessly flowing from one project to another, whether I decide to sing or dance act or design or write whose business is it anyways? Why do people always overstep boundaries and tell you what you need to be doing to carve out a living.

I’m not sure why I have such a restless soul but it has given me fire to create and exist in a world that most of the sheep will never understand. I love the freedom to do the things that speak to my soul, I can’t even begin to tell you just how many jobs I’ve endured barely making it thru the training let alone a full-time schedule. Some people aren’t meant to be a part of the rat race.

Recently I was actually training to work for a small Digital Media Firm when I barely made it thru my morning training session, aside from the fact that the office was severely cluttered which in turn made my anxiety 100% worse than before. So as I explain to my new boss that I was really an artist and how I had a blog and a new online store that will basically run itself, and how I needed to have a Zen space to work in. That’s when he said…well this is how we work! if you don’t like it …then you can leave!

He told me that I lived in La la land, and that my designs would be impossible to sell because of the competition that I faced. My whole life people have knocked me down over my dreams and aspirations, so without showing him that I was hurt or bothered by his words, I simply told him that I’ve never thought about any competition, because I believed in myself! I grabbed my belongings and I let him know that it wasn’t going to work out.

I couldn’t get home fast enough, delightfully I dove back into my La La Land  mentality and now I have over 6 Collections and 100 products in my store most of which are my original creations.

I refuse to be a victim and I will never let anyone put me down to make me feel threatened, ridiculed, or insecure. Never again will I stay in a negative situation, for the sake of being employed. Being a petite latina has been hard enough in my life. Yet despite the challenges and setbacks, I rise up better than before because my dreams are limitless.