“Living With A Toxic Roommate”

By Indigo Sky

Have you ever found yourself
living in an uncomfortable roommate situation? You know the kind that brought you nothing but stress and constant worrying?

Have you ever had a roommate that left you wondering what kind of mood you’ll find them in on a daily basis?

“Don’t you just hate when your roommate wakes you up at 5 o’clock in the morning, meanwhile you don’t have to wake up until 10:00!

How about when your roommate starts the day by screaming and yelling despite them being the only ones awake.

Did you ever have a roommate that wakes up angry and miserable? causing everyone else to wake up in a bad mood.

Have you ever woken up to the sound of a war zone only to realize that it’s your roommate in drunken stupor.

Or how about a roommate that does their laundry while your trying to sleep?

Ever awaken to the banging thump of Nike sneakers in the dryer? I have several times and believe me I secretly hoped they would melt.

Add to that, the annoying sound of a washer machine that has a spin cycle out of balance!

Oh but wait! it gets better, now add the sound of “Godzillas” footsteps back and forth in the living room.

“Welcome to the world of roommates” I tell myself!”
quickly remembering that everything is temporary.

Ahh yes…  at last I can hear the footsteps slowly fade out to the hallway and down the stairs. Finally I can sleep again.

Taking a deep breath I let the fleeting anger subside, as I confirm that misery loves company.

Sharing a living space can be challenging especially when one of you is on a spiritual path and the other is still stuck on a lower vibration.

Well I discovered a few ways to prevent unwanted drama and the inevitable fights, that come along with confronting the impossible roommate.

I had to endure about 2 years of feeling stuck, frustrated and defeated.

Thankfully I’ve discovered a whole new approach to dealing with a toxic roommate and the results are amazing!

I sleep with earplugs every night, not only is it cheap and effective, it has actually transformed my sleep deprivation.

Should it become super loud, I simply I reach for my Bose Headphones, and I’ll listen to Chakra balancing or Reiki meditation music.

I find this will raise my vibration, while allowing me to fall to back to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Instead instead of irritable and in s foul mood. I found this has helped to
prevent quite a few unnecessary fights.

I like to believe that our “home life” should be a “sacred space” after all there is certainly enough conflict and negativity in the world.

Don’t get me wrong, there are those moments when I am fed up, and just like any other person…would love to seek revenge on my roommate.

Just the very thought of vacuuming the living room at
midnight appeals to me in a harmless wicked way…to give them a taste of their own medicine, would probably satisfy me…if only temporary.

But today I say no thank you, I have worked much too hard to be where I am in my life.

I certainly don’t want diminish all of my efforts by resorting to an eye for an eye mentality.

Sometimes I will light incense and put on Reiki for cleansing the space of negativity, there’s also Reiki to ward off toxic people which I’ve used on several occasions.

I can testify that it has worked even after heated arguments,
I play the frequencies loud enough to be heard, allowing the vibrations to emit their powerful energy throughout the space and home.

Taking the higher road will keep the peace in your life, creating a peaceful environment while allowing you to remain your happy spiritual self.

“The Call”

By Indigo Sky

I’ve recently had a strong calling urging me to go to Mt. Shasta in Northern California, I first heard about the vortex during a road trip about 5 years ago while RV’ing thru the state of Oregon. It’s supposed to be the biggest vortex in the Western Hemisphere.

Our amazing planet has 7 chakras or energy centers, and Mt. Shasta is said to be our root chakra. It’s also considered to be the primal energy center of the planet.

Spiritual seekers from around the world are drawn here for truth and enlightenment, But Mt. Shasta has actually been home to at least 5 different indigenous tribes.

Just the other day I stumbled upon a documentary on the Winnemem wintu tribe, and ironically it was the same day that I awoke to “the calling”.

I can’t explain how or why but as I was making my bed, I noticed how I heard ringing in my ears, as I paused my minds eye kept seeing glimpses of the imagery of Mt. Shasta, it was almost as if I teleported.

Seemingly out of the blue I’ve become obsessed by this strange and inmate desire to seek Mt. Shasta and it’s beautiful purple aura.

It is believed that within the vortex we can receive and download information from other dimensions as well as the akashic records and ascended masters, angels and saints.

Mt. Shasta is known as a sacred Mountain that offers healing and to this day rituals are still being performed every year in August.

Mt. Shasta remains a mystery as there have been many stories reported about abductions and bizarre sightings of others beings from different dimensions,

as well as the Lemurians that are thought to inhabit an underground crystalline city.

What’s fascinating about this new obsession is the notion that I will receive a message or perhaps even a manifestation from my beloved father who sadly passed away 2 years ago this fall.

I believe that in the vortex every soul that ever existed can meet the living ones that have yet to ascend. Here we can meet with ascended masters and spirit guides, fairies and light beings.

I find a deep comfort in this newfound wisdom and I’d like to hold on to the belief, that our loved ones and all other beings of light can be found here and that healing and communication from other realms is possible inside of the vortex.



I am here to awaken the masses, to help those that are feeling lost and hopeless.
I am here to remind you of something that we all possess,
and that is our inner light.
I have begun my awakening.

We all have the power to harness the cosmic energy in the universe and with these affirmations, your life can transform.

I am love,
I am light,
I am abundant and prosperous.
I attract good things and positive
outcomes. I am magnetic to like minded people with enlightened souls.
I am a light worker sent here
to help awaken those lost in
the matrix better known as “life
on earth” or shall I say the “3rd Dimension”.
I long to share the beauty of
trusting in Jesus Christ our lord.
There’s a certain deep rooted comfort that comes with this awareness.

A pure and simple joy that brings
happiness, yet my words could never truly describe what only needs to be felt.
Trusting in God and trusting in the  universe and knowing that our thoughts create our outcomes, can help to make you aware of just how powerful and magnetic our thoughts can be.
We are here to live, to learn,
and to grow, while giving back
by helping others to awaken.
We must learn to love with open hearts, and to remember that
we are all here to shine our “inner light”.
We are here to find our way back home,”to the one and only divine source of love and beauty, that is our father, “Jesus Christ.”

By Indigo Sky


By Indigo Sky 8/9/18

When I was a little kid growing up I remember being such a scaredy-cat that I couldn’t possibly fathom the thought
of sleeping with my bedroom light off.

My sweet angel of a mother
had a special gift for knowing exactly what to say and
by her touch she knew
exactly how to soothe
my fears away.

With just a light touch she could
send healing waves of energy
that seemed to calm me down almost instantly and somehow miraculously I’d fall sound asleep in the dark until the morning.

My mother was a healer and
she had the power to heal
everything from my headache
to my belly aches.
Her comforting touch was the
most amazing feeling I have
ever felt.

I didn’t know about Reiki or healing of any kind, yet somehow I stumbled upon
it by developing a passion
for doing massages and chakra healing.

I would practice on my fiancé
during road trips and during
our intimate moments alone
I remember how would tell me
“OMG Baby! You Give a Bomb Ass Massage! “WTF”
That Shit Was Cosmic!

I explained to him that I was simply transmitting the light energy that I received from the
universe and that it was from
a higher source, I told him
that it was from God.

Today I can still recall that tingly feeling that I would get as a little girl, each time my mother would place her hands on me it was like a current of energy that shot through my body inducing the most tranquil feeling I could never forget.

I find it difficult to put into mere words…But I guess you could say, “It was Cosmic!”

So looking back I now realize
that my mother had laid the
foundation she was my healer
a true Goddess of love.

I’m amazed that somehow this innate knowledge was passed to me yet remained hidden deep within my soul and now today
as I write these words I too
have become a healer
and light worker.

Along my path I’ve discovered that we’ve all been given this incredible gift of becoming healers and thru spiritual awakening, meditation and chakra healing, the light body activation process begins.
bringing you closer to
enlightenment and spiritual bliss.


By Indigo Sky 8/7/18

Spiritual girl in the material world
Don’t let the weight of the world
interfere with your ascension.
Don’t give up and don’t let go
Jesus loves you more than
you know.

Elevate your state of mind
leave your burdens far behind
Expand your consciousness
and expand your mind
It’s thru your 3rd eye connection
that you’ll begin to fly

Breaking free from the 3rd dimensional plane
letting go of deep sorrow
and pain.
A realm where spiritual wonders await, a place where you’ll no
longer feel afraid.

You can begin a new day
In a new world
like a forever changed girl
no longer lost.

Now you have a liquid mind
your floating in serenity
within the quantum realm
your dreams play out
you are the creator
that is responsible for your
life’s journey.

Your the only that holds the
tools to unlock your power
where pure creativity
lies hidden, yet is overflowing
from this divine connection
to all that there is.

Find the freedom to access all realms and dimensions.
Break thru the dome
you ‘ll find the light
Illuminating every part
of who you really are.

“Dear Future Lover”

By Indigo Sky


I pulled away from you, somehow fear got it’s tight grip over me and I let it take control.

I let you down, what was I so afraid of? You seemed to be everything I could want in a man so why am I running away? your probably asking yourself.

In my defense I felt deeply overwhelmed by the feeling that my life was about to change, and change can be very difficult to handle.

I wasted my life giving myself away to soulless people, lost in a dark place not knowing love and not having someone who genuinely cared about my spiritual wellbeing.

Sadly this has become the norm for me and so I made a promise to myself that I would never repeat the past mistakes. Perhaps it’s been too long since I let someone love me, you see I’ve built this fortress around my heart and it’s been hiding every scar.

Dear future lover, now I’m the one reaching out to you, Did I lose you? did I run away from my soul love? Could you actually be my twin flame? my heart wants to know.

Your everything I’ve been searching for, and yet the other night I closed the door.

I’ve spent the past week wondering if you are the one to share the next chapter in my life. I thought this out and I’ve come to terms with these mixed emotions and my foolish reluctance to give us a chance.

Today I find the courage to reach out to you and say that I’m sorry for letting you down. My personal issues and deep rooted fear took over and I pulled away from you. I’ve been resisting the very thing that I desperately wanted.

I tossed and turned almost every night and with each hour that passed me by, visions of you would cross my mind.

I even dreamt with you Tuesday night, was it a glimpse into our future together? I held your my face in my hands while I staring into your eyes, they were the bluest blue I had ever seen.

I felt the purest love emanating from your soul and upon awakening, it made me question everything in my life.Were you actually reaching out for me? Wondering why I pulled away so suddenly?

If you could understand the reasons why I disappeared it really just came down to fear, I feared another broken heart. You see I just recently began to pick up the pieces to my broken dreams and today I can honestly say that I’m no longer gonna let my fears hold me back.

All week long I found myself consumed with thoughts of us together and I don’t want to imagine that I ignored the sign and let love pass me by.

I can still feel your presence and I ask if you could give me another chance to see what we could be. You see my future lover I’ve had time to think this thru and I’ve come to the conclusion that the soul love I’ve been searching for resides in you.

*Dedicated to Kristof *


By Indigo Sky July 16, 2018

I’ve been having this reoccurring
dream with my best friend
Katie from my New York days,
and this is haunting me because
it’s been over 10 years since
we last spoke.

The dream takes place in a dark
club like space, and it’s as if we’re hanging out like we
did back when we were best friends.

This last particular dream
I heard her voice loud and clear as was telling me that she needed to go home and
that she didn’t have any money, then she stared out into the darkness and before I could say anything,
my dream fades out.

I actually heard her voice just as you would in real life, which I find interestingly fascinating as I’m slowly discovering the link between our dreams and the astral plane.

The last time I actually saw Katie was back in New York while we were celebrating at “The Copa” the nightclub known for some of the biggest latin acts in the world.
We were there for a record release party that was being thrown by my Fiancé and his
record label for his top selling act “El Combo” a salsa band which happens to be the hottest in the industry as well as being Katie’s favorite band.

Katie and I worked the guest list,
and enjoyed a night of absolute madness, we had the best spot in the VIP section next to the press and photographers.

As the band played their new hit we danced and sang at the top of our lungs, then seemingly out of nowhere she casually mentioned that she had been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her breast and that she would be needing more testing she never mentioned it again, I think I even disregarded the conversation due to the fact that the music was ridiculously loud and I was much too intoxicated to comprehend the depth of her words.

Katie and I were inseparable from the moment we met
bartending in Hell’s Kitchen”
at the trendy hotspot “Club Marquee” and from the first night while I was training her
we instantly clicked, and soon enough that we would become soul sisters.

Katie was a beautiful Latina mix of Honduran and Chinese, she was strong, and independent, petite yet powerful like dynamite and she didn’t take shit from anyone.

This was probably due to
the trauma that she endured
during her childhood forcing her to become an orphan.
She never knew her father
and sadly she lost her mother
to breast cancer at the tender age of 10 and although she was later adopted by her best friends parents, nothing could ever mend her broken heart.

Not having her mother around was a depressing reality, and the
struggle to survive would begin
before high school, Katie grew up fast in order to provide for her younger brother and she supported herself by working the night shift bouncing around various bars throughout the city.

I remember she was mature beyond her years and she had a serious nature about her which I now completely understand.
I admit there were times it where it annoyed the hell out of me,
for example like our spring break trip to “Cancun” where it seemed we couldn’t agree on even the little things from the beach to our dining options,
she loved everything that was fried and spicy while I craved simple Italian dishes.

I still laugh about the time we rented scooters in Cozumel and decided to go for a swim in an empty and unfamiliar beach, cluelessly we jumped in the water and almost died from a million baby jellyfish.
We later learned the reason why
there we no other beach goers.
Mexico was a death defying and life changing vacation.

We shared some of our deepest and darkest stories while exploring the Yucatán peninsula and our trip to the “Mayan Temple Ruins “ was absolutely
There was a certain energy that could be felt, it was very spiritual and it brought up deep hidden emotions that had been buried
for many years.

Before leaving the ruins we took a few pictures and it was as if we were instantly transported back to the days of the Mayans, I felt the oneness with the sun and the sky, and the very land we were standing upon that of our great “Mother Earth”.
Chichen Itza was a surreal
place, I was transformed into
the Mayan Goddess of love
and our friendship was sealed
deep in those sacred Ruins.

I regret moving away from nyc and not keeping in touch with Katie, it’s almost as if I deleted
my old life as soon as I got engaged. I was blinded by love and I allowed myself to give up my old life, friends and contacts included.

In the past year I’ve started exploring astral projections
and Quantum meditation.
I’m absolutely fascinated with the possibility of being able
to leave my body and discover
other realms. So my question is…Did Katie pass away?
are these visions of her spirit
in the afterlife?
I swear it feels so real,
I can still recall our conversations and I actually heard the distinct sound of her voice loud and clear.

I wonder if I’m actually in the astral planes each time we
connect and maybe she’s crossed over already.
I honestly don’t know if she is in fact dead or alive, but somehow
I have an eerie feeling that she has passed away.
Perhaps her spirit has indeed found me in the astral planes.

I know your probably thinking that I’m crazy or that I’ve might
have eaten a handful of magic mushrooms, but I reassure you that I haven’t.
I’m simply obsessed with these thoughts and experiences and
I do believe that anything is possible in the unseen world
and I suppose I find some type of comfort in knowing that the astral realm has become our new hangout spot.