“Chasing Dreams “
By Indigo Sky 4/11/18

I was sucked into the whirlpool
of life, living for others and
trying to live up to the expectations of being a successful artist.
I remember being immersed
In numerous projects that I would become overwhelmed.
My typical day would consist of
forcing myself out of bed after barely sleeping 4 or 5 hours, thanks to my anxiety related insomnia, that would kick in on the night of an audition.
I would toss and turn and obsess over getting the lyrics and notes right.
So after waking up I would make a pot of coffee and gulp down 2 cups in order to feel the jolt that I desperately needed
in order to begin a day in my crazy world.
I get dressed to workout on
the treadmill, eat, shower, then do my vocal exercises, before I can begin to practice my song for the audition.
Only after I felt confident,
would I then proceed to get dressed. Procrastination has run deep for most of my life.
Since I can remember, I would wait for the last minute to gather all of my things.
My missing keys, pictures, Bio, and my music.
Then like a crazy “New Yorker!”
I fly down my stairs and out
to the street where I would have to fight for a cab during rush hour.
3rd Avenue looked like a race track full of yellow taxis’s speeding, and even cutting
each other off for the next passenger.
So as I’m starting out of the window, I can see the chaos of the city in full effect. I could feel the rush of million dreams and deals being made.
I was one in the millions
of other people chasing their dreams just like me.

Author: Indigo Sky

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