“Nobody cared”
By Indigo Sky 4/25/18

Yesterday as I was on my way back home from exercising,
I noticed a woman struggling to cross the street with a walker. She could barely move her legs,
I was on the phone with my mother, walking on the sidewalk enjoying the Florida sunshine when all of a sudden something made me turn around.
I saw so many cars speeding by,
I thought for sure somebody was gonna run her over. I hung up with my mother, and then I ran across the street towards her, and said “Hi let me help you, I wanna help you!”I noticed the traffic wasn’t stopping for you let me help you cross the street.
At first she looked at me apprehensively which I understand because I came up out of nowhere, then she looked at my face surprised but, I could tell she was relieved once she saw that I was sincere.  I was truly shocked by the lack of compassion that I witnessed,
I mean clearly this woman was handicapped and forced to be in a dangerous situation all by herself, yet nobody cared.
None of the cars stopped for her
and nobody offered to help.
I started to walk with her and I had to stop the cars with my hands and pray they wouldn’t hit us both.
Once we safely crossed the street I asked her where she wanted to go, she said she needed to pick up a few things at the supermarket, so I offered to walk with her and help
As we walked on the street the wheels kept getting stuck in between the bricks of the cobblestone.
That was when I noticed there weren’t enough sidewalks for someone in a wheelchair or walker, and that none of the streets or sidewalks were smooth enough for the wheels on her walker. I also l didn’t see any ramps until we were almost in front of the store.
By now she told me her name was Amy and that she lived alone with 2 cats. I couldn’t help but to admire her strength and courage, because even if I hadn’t come along to help her I believe she would of tried to do it alone.
She thanked me and told me to go on my way, that she would be fine, I insisted on going into the store with her but she said no.
So we said our good byes and I continued on my way home.
Once I got to my apartment I broke down crying, I felt saddened by the world in which we live in. When did we become so cold and desensitized?
Our humanity has become cruel and heartless. I saw with my own eyes just how blind we’ve become, I saw so many people so caught up in their lives and meaningless jobs, looking like zombies rushing and speeding only to get to a red light.
I saw the hard reality of living life in her shoes and this tore me up inside, I was angry at the world
It seemed that nobody cared, and Instead of giving the right of way to a handicapped pedestrian they ignored her, they ignored me.
For once I saw what it
was to feel helpless and powerless in a world that isn’t made or constructed to accommodate the elderly or the handicapped.
I couldn’t get Amy out of my mind, I wish I could of done more to help her.
It makes me sad to know that there are so many people like Amy, that have to live alone without the help of a family member or a friend.
Her bravery is admirable and an
inspiration to me. I hold her in my prayers and I hope someday we meet again.

Author: Indigo Sky

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