“Signs of Spiritual Awakening”

By Indigo sky

Many of us are starting to awaken and there is a hunger for spiritual truth as we seek a deeper understanding of life.

Here is a list of the signs that were revealed to me in subtle ways over a gradual period of time, as I began my journey to ascension. Maybe you are also experiencing one of the following :

1. Sudden interest in Yoga and Meditation.
2. Exploring Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel/Projection.
3. Chakra Meditation and Kundalini yoga.
4. Opening of the 3rd eye.
Light Body Activation
5. Exercising outdoors with nature and natural sunlight.
6. Connecting with the vibrations of the plants and animals, the trees and the flowers.
7. Activating my pineal gland with the sun.
8. Awareness of nature, colors and details magnified.
9. Changing my music playlist to enhance my spiritual path .
10. Awareness of food and nutrition, resulting in the elimination of junk food and all processed foods.
11. Stopped drinking alcohol.
Eliminated toxic friendships and situations.
12. Shedding my desires for material possessions.
13. Stopped needing validation from people and social media.
14. Stopped needing a man or person to love me.
15. Sudden interest in what’s happening to our planet and wanting to help our wild life and marine life due to globalization and politics as well as pollution.
16. Feeling compassion and kindness.
17. Elevated happiness and bliss.
18. Trusting in the universe. 19. Having a connection to the divine light source, that which is God.

Author: Indigo Sky

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