“ A Mother’s Love “

By Indigo Sky 5/7/18

Reminiscing on my favorite childhood memories, I can’t help but to feel melancholy realizing how truly blessed I am.
I cherish this sacred bond that I share with my mother, remaining inseparable throughout my life, even now oceans apart.
My mother is my safe haven, the best place for me to seek love,
warmth, and shelter from the uncertainties of growing up and trying to survive in this ever changing landscape that we call life.
I look at my mother as an angelic
Soul, she’s pure and kind with an unfailing capacity to love me, wholeheartedly as well as unconditionally.
Pure and delicate like the rarest
pearl in the ocean.
She dedicated her life with the truest love and devotion.
A mother’s love is unlike any other, it tugs and pulls at your heart strings, reminding you that
the invisible cord can never be broken.
Blessed everyday with a bond so strong, it’s been blessed by the love of God.
Inside her was the seed of life
she carried me, and nurtured me,
breathing life into me.
I entered this world with a heart full of love, spiritually connected
to my mother.
I feel blessed to know that
“a mother’s heart, is Gods true testament of the miracle that is love.”

Author: Indigo Sky

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