“Living With a Toxic Roommate “ By Indigo Sky 5/21/18

Have you ever found yourself
living in an uncomfortable roommate situation? You know the kind that brought you nothing but stress and constant worrying?

Have you ever had a roommate that left you wondering what kind of mood you’ll find them in on a constant daily basis?

Don’t you just hate when your
roommate wakes you up at 5 am meanwhile your set to wake up at 10:30.

How about when your roommate starts the day with screaming and yelling even though everyone else is asleep and they’re the only one awake.
Did you ever have a roommate that wakes up angry and miserable and then expects everyone else to wake up in the same manner?

Have you ever woken up to the sound of broken glass and kitchen cabinets being slammed so hard that the entire cupboard shakes.

Have you ever had a roommate that
decided to do her laundry while your still trying to sleep?

Ever awaken to the banging thump of sneakers in the dryer? that you secretly hoped would melt into a gooey mess.

How about the excruciatingly
annoying sound of a broken washer machine that has a mind of its own.
Oh but wait, it gets better.

Have you ever heard the sound of “Godzillas footsteps walking back and forth in the living room practically shaking the entire apartment?

The world of roommates definitely has its ups and downs, I tell myself quickly remembering that everything is temporary as my roommate prepares to leave for her job.

Ahh yes…at last I can hear the footsteps slowly fade out to the hallway and down the stairs, at last she’s gone, I think to myself as my toxic roommate drives away .

Finally I can sleep again, after taking a deep breath I let the fleeting anger subside, as I confirm just how much misery loves company.

Sharing a living space can be challenging especially when one of you is on a spiritual path
and the other is still stuck in a lower vibration.

I discovered a few ways to prevent the drama and the inevitable fights that come along with confronting a toxic roommate.

I had to endure about a 2 years of  feeling resentment and anger. I felt stuck, frustrated and defeated.

Then I discovered a new approach to dealing with my toxic roommate and the results are amazing.

I began sleeping with earplugs every night, it’s easy cheap and effective.
Then if it gets super loud, I reach for my ear pods and I’ll listen to music or I’ll do my Chakras.
I find this will raise my vibration  plus allowing me to go back to sleep peacefully and wake up feeling refreshed and amazing instead of irritable or negative. I found this has helped to prevent many unnecessary fights.

I like to believe that our “home life” should be a “sacred space” where peace and serenity surrounds us over drama and fighting over ridiculous things.

There’s certainly enough conflict and negativity going on in this world, but don’t get me wrong, there are those moments when I am fed up, and just like any other person…would love to seek revenge.

Just the very thought of vacuuming the living room at
midnight appeals to me in a harmlessly wicked way…just to give them a taste of their own medicine, would probably satisfy me…if only for a moment. But no thank you, I have come too far on my journey .

The path to enlightenment is my current mindset and I certainly don’t want diminish all of my efforts by resorting to an eye for an eye mentality.

So instead of getting mad or lashing out at her, Sometimes  I will light incense and put on Reiki meditation music for cleansing the space of negativity it’s good to ward off toxic people.

I’ve played it secretly on several occasions while hoping my roommate would have an energy shift and guess what? It actually works.

I can testify it’s effectiveness even after heated arguments, I play the frequencies loud enough to be heard, allowing the vibrations to emit their powerful energy throughout the space and home.

Taking the higher road will keep the peace in your life, creating a peaceful environment while allowing you to remain your true happy spiritual self.

Author: Indigo Sky

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