“Spiritual Euphoria”

By Indigo Sky 5/28/18

The Process of awakening
Is causing me to lose myself,
I’m changing on so many levels that it’s caused me to withdraw. Lately l find myself becoming distant with the very people who were once priority in my life,
I’m on a thirsty hunt for
enlightenment and understanding.
I dove in blindly and now I’m deeply immersed into a magical
world of love and light,
auras and chakra healing.
There is an immense hunger for truth and wisdom, I’m finding myself torn between 2 different
This revelation of my spiritual self and it’s need for peace and solitude has made me take on
the characteristics of a loner.
So choosing to hang out with my friends or indulge in staying home alone in my sweet sacred space is simply a no brainer.
I long for my walks in the
spiritual garden of my mind.
I long for the serene zen life,
can I actually achieve this amazing and wonderful
lifestyle? when it seems that every time I’m almost there…“boom!” Something
happens to test me and knock
me down and off of my spiritual cloud of bliss.
This new world of discovering my spiritual awakening,”
has been long work in progress,
and finally after breaking free
from the toxic relationships that were preventing me from finding nirvana.
I’ve now come to realize
just how reluctant I am to have
to give up my free time with meaningless things, just the very thought of having to sacrifice my precious time that could be used for my spiritual work, such as my favorite Reiki, yoga, or Kundalini meditations gets me irritated.
This past month I’ve resisted every situation having to do with alcohol, hangovers, eating junk food, and sleep deprivation.
I confess to loving my little cocoon so much that I’ve even begun the art of ghosting most of my friends and potential
dates by simply ignoring their texts, and preferring to work on my 3rd eye meditations,
lost in a trancelike state until I drift away into the astral abyss.
I find it extremely difficult to spend my time and energy with people that aren’t on my level, not because I think I’m better or anything like that, however…needless to say I do feel it drains my energy to the point that I can’t bear the thought of possibly sharing the night with an unenlightened person, somehow I almost always walk away feeling drained and exhausted.
I really hope that I can find a way to balance my new life with the old, because after all I can’t stay on my magic yoga mat forever and love isn’t gonna just pop into my room and into my life.
I have to learn to come down to this earth plane more often,
It’s so easy to get lost in the euphoria of your own spiritual awakening, and besides in the world of dating, the whole meet and greet thing can be extremely exhausting.
I cringe when I think of all the
lost time spent on getting ready
for a date with a person that I barely know and having to endure an evening of overpriced food at an overrated restaurant.
I’m so over having to deal with self centered, egotistical, fake people.
It’s becoming a real challenge for me to exist in this 3rd dimension,
Now that I’ve opened the Pandora’s box of spiritual wisdom and growth.
I truly feel like I’m ascending
to a higher realm and it’s becoming real difficult to be around people that don’t
comprehend this powerful awakening that is happening not only to me, but to all of humanity.
I went from being a clueless sheep lost in the matrix,
to bravely embarking on this
solo journey into the unknown realms of spirituality.
I have spent many nights in solitude in order to become a better me, an enlightened soul, light worker and a healer.

Author: Indigo Sky

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