“Awakening With Gaia”

By Indigo Sky 6/7/18

Ever since I began my awakening I’ve discovered
a new outlook on my life as
well as a new approach to being
fit while combining a spiritual regimen that allows me to feel centered and balanced.
Now I get my daily dose of
blood circulating cardio
outside in nature with the
trees, immersed in the healing energies of “Mother Earth herself, the one and only “Gaia.”
I can no longer tolerate the crowded gym scene where I
find that I become easily distracted or I might feel the need to rush thru my sets because of the next person
that is impatiently staring at me, hoping that I hurry up even
faster, which in turn leaves me feeling stressed out.
The last time I stepped foot
in a gym was about a year ago and I still have the selfies to show for it.
I hate to reveal something so shallow about myself, but I
use to being one of those annoying people that had to
look sexy, trendy, and hip just to workout in a popular gym where
it’s all about trying to impress.
Eventually it all becomes extremely exhausting and the novelty wears off.
Honestly the whole gym process
annoys me to the point that I recreated my fitness lifestyle.
I’ve become a nature girl who now loves to walk, jog, run,
hike, you name it.
Rain or shine nothing beats the amazing feeling you get from being outside in nature, I find
this to be very therapeutic.
I love breathing in the fresh air
and grounding myself in “Mother Nature”with every step I take,
I’m connecting with the earth as the sunshine penetrates my soul healing and nourishing every cell in my body.
I discovered that the joys of meditation can be found in a more organic way and this has helped me access to my inner voice.
Also the health benefits of doing cardio outside in nature are endless and I love how energized and inspired I feel after spending an hour looking at the ever changing landscapes.
Some of my best ideas have
popped into my mind this way.
I will randomly create new routes
to get to a lake or a nearby park where I can lose myself and really get in tune with my body, mind and soul.
Once I let my thoughts and goals arise, and the daydreaming subsides, I then start to feel lighter and incredibly relaxed, allowing true inner happiness to flow surrounding me for rest of my day.
Lately my spiritual awakening
has allowed me to understand why I felt such a strong urge to be in nature, and to experience the rhythms and the sounds.
I believe that we are connected
to all living things and each
morning this is confirmed as I’m surrounded by many different types of plants and flowers, and a vast array of birds that fill the silent sky with their melodies making everything feel magical.
Florida is definitely a spiritual
place, it’s also a nature lovers paradise and sanctuary.
I read a story recently where it spoke about the vortex in Sarasota which is also known as the city of lights.

This is a place that attracts all types of healers due to its many spiritual workshops and yoga studios,
the Ley lines give off powerful magnetic energy that can be used for healing and psychic abilities.
Which leads me back to a dream
I had a few years ago,
I dreamt that I was in Florida
on what seemed like a beautiful day with bright blue skies walking along a bridge that had water on both sides, it was a happy dream I even remembered the warm sunny feeling.
Fast forward one day my roommate decides to show me around Jupiter and West Palm beach and to my surprise it was like a deja”vu as soon as we drove onto the bridge that takes you to “Palm beach island” over the intercostal waterways, I freaked out when I realized that the view I was now seeing, is and was exactly what I saw in my dream! coincidence?  I don’t think so.
I believe God led me here,
as this is the one and only
place where I’ve managed to find my peace of mind, along with the serenity that I’ve desperately been seeking for most of my life.
I look forward to my next fitness adventure tomorrow, maybe I’ll see a “Blue Morpho butterfly.”

Author: Indigo Sky

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