“Sometimes I Just Need To Live In Oblivion “

By Indigo Sky 6/20/18

Sometimes life is overwhelming and I need to detox from the tragic stories and events that
are taking place worldwide
and close to home.
From Immigration flaws and
the current stance on how to handle the laws, as well as how and when the raids are carried out.
ICE with it’s flawed system has
destroyed millions of families,
by separating babies and toddlers from their own
mother’s then sending them
off to foster homes and detention centers causing irreparable psychological damage and trauma.
My heart feels heavy, as I can just imagine the fear in these children of all ages, not knowing or comprehending the true reality of what’s happening to their parents.
I wonder who will comfort their
helpless cries in the night?
Who will hold them tight and provide the necessary shelter and security that all children deserve.
I’m horrified of all the footage
on these poor helpless families being ripped apart in the most cruel and heartless ways imaginable then forced into nasty, cold and despicably unsanitary detention centers that resemble nothing close to a sanctuary or safe haven.
It’s disheartening the
way the media force feeds us negativity with every new post
You read.
Where are all of the happy stories? Has our world really
become such an evil wasteland for humanity?
Why is it that we are being programmed into accepting this way of living, where chaos and tragedy sprinkled with blood and heartbreak are now whats fueling us on a daily basis?
It’s hard to believe what has become the new norm and
what influences are shaping
the current state of our warped
and brainwashed views.
Oblivion can be a good thing especially when nowadays sadness is looming and swirling
all around, everything on social media seems to be death, murder, child molestation, rape, and suicide and human trafficking.
Despair and hopelessness is what seems to be what’s trending lately, whether it’s a successful young rapper shot dead from gun violence, to the
numerous suicide cases in
Hollywood as well as the
fashion industry.
I almost feel guilty about my newfound “spiritual bliss”
that I’ve recently been experiencing, due to the fact
that I took a hiatus, a much needed vacay from everything,
including and especially all
“Social media”&”news”.
You see I tend to be an extremist and what I mean by that is,
that when I’m caught up
in the latest breaking news
stories I have to go to every media outlet for the latest updates and videos.
I will actually become so enraged that my mood changes
and I become gloomy and depressed, crying and sobbing as I continue to read and look
at more disturbing images.
We live in a world of illusions
and It’s getting harder to decipher what’s true and what’s fake, however now and then a tragic story touches you to the core, for example the death of “Anthony Bourdain” who thanks to my beautiful mother, I had the pleasure of discovering while seeing him on his travels, while she and I sipped on Colombian coffee as we daydreamed of someday traveling and getting to try out different cultures and cuisines. He was a daredevil when it came to food and so he inspired me to
be brave with my food palette.
Moving onwards, I admit that I’ve become extremely sensitive lately and I feel compassion for all people especially when they die from a senseless tragedy.
I often get overwhelmed with all of the turmoil and violence that I’m bombarded with daily.
Sometimes I want to hideaway and disconnect from everything that’s going on in the world and all around me, because I can’t
spend all of my time crying.
I’m supposed to be on a “spiritual path” not the path of agony and despair.
I yearn for a peace of mind which I find inside of my
cocoon of oblivion.

Author: Indigo Sky

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