By Indigo Sky 6/21/18

Ever since I can remember
I have always loved hot summer
days and all of the freedom I
felt from running in the grass
with my little bare feet that would often get stung by
numerous bumblebees.
I was the “cartwheel queen”
and had a natural gift of being
athletic so I would love to try
different gymnastic moves in
the courtyard with my besties, despite the fact that my parents were against it as they thought I would end up with some kind of awful spinal injury.
Then there was the “Mr.Softee”
ice cream truck, the absolute highlight to our heatwave inspired days, desperately we
would try and flag him down.
I was a fan of the “Bomb Pop”
with its vibrant colors of the flag
and its delicious flavors of blue raspberry, cherries and lime.
My hands and sundress would end up a complete mess and my mouth completely stained with color. I remember the days were so hot that our ice cream would melt faster than we could possibly eat it.
I will always miss the feeling of a hot sunny day playing in the park and running thru the fields on freshly cut grass with it’s wonderful fresh fragrance of nature and summertime fun.
The game of “Manhunt” was
one of my favorite games to play
In the evenings with a group of neighborhood friends my inner tomboy would relish in climbing trees, hiding in bushes and
and jumping off high places.
Bucks County, was a magical
place for me growing up,
I got to discover nature and creeks, parks and hiking trails.
One summer night in mid June,
I was about 8 years old, and
I remember being with my
mother and a group of her friends and we went to
“Tyler Park” a beautiful pristine nature reserve that was full of hiking trails and horseback riding, and canoeing along the creeks.
This was truly one of my favorite places to go and I would jump
with excitement every time.
So as I’m following everyone,
all of a sudden we come to
a halt and the unthinkable happened we were totally
lost in the dark wooded trails. Somehow we took the wrong path and wound up getting lost in the middle of the mountainous trails, the sun had already set.
I was filled with fear as I couldn’t see anything and I was always desperately afraid of the dark then to make matters worse,
my over active imagination
made the park remind
me of something out of a
horror movie, and I expected
to see Jason from “Friday The 13th” at any given moment.
Then after what seemed
like forever, we were blessed
by the Park Ranger and were
soon rescued. He informed us
that the park had closed over 2
hours ago and that he was on his way to lock the parks main entrance when he noticed our
Car parked by itself, followed
by screams for help and the cries of little children mostly
from me I imagine.
The funniest part was when we discovered just how close we actually were to the parking lot.
Suddenly everyone burst into
laughter, immediately I stopped crying from the ordeal and my tears turned to laughter as well from hearing everyone around me laughing with relief.
Those were some of my fondest
memories, full of pure happiness
and magical moments.
With fireflies that lit up the vast summer night skies with their bright fluorescent hues of
neon green, igniting childhood dreams.
I was innocent and curious, daring and wild, living a
carefree life full of endless summer fun.

Author: Indigo Sky

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