“Desperately Defending My Spiritual Views With An Atheist”

By Indigo Sky

I have to admit that ever since
I’ve embarked on my spiritual journey I’ve had a difficult time
finding likeminded people.
Most of my friends are still stuck
in the lower dimensional planes
and as far as boyfriends go,
I have yet to meet a guy that shares the same views as I do.
I wonder if this is part of my spiritual growth process because I swear last night
while I was texting this guy I
met online whom I thought would fit my idea of the perfect boyfriend, as he claimed to be
a screenwriter, and ironically
we share the same name “Indigo”.
You see I’ve had this fantasy of meeting and falling in love with a man that is on the spiritual
path, someone that can see
me for who and what I truly am, and not just the physical or the sexual part of me.
I was instantly intrigued by his
knowledge in film, writers, music, and directors.
Then it seems that once our
conversation switched to art
and creativity he flipped the script.
I simply suggested that
he work on his chakras to unblock them as he struggled with writers block and depression.
I explained how it helped me through my personal bout with
Then he goes on to tell me that
his favorite chakra is the 3rd eye, so I decided to share a story with
him about my recent experience working on my 3rd eye chakra.
I told how I received 2 messages while meditating.
The first message I heard was “Raise your hand and praise Jesus “!Then the second message I heard was “It’s all about love”!
I told him I was gonna send him the music that I used for that particular meditation and that how I believed that the voice
I heard was from God, then all of a sudden he became a different person, it was as if the devil came out.
He quickly became dark and negative while trying to insult my views and beliefs along with
my choice of faith.
He was the definition of nasty and evil, he told me that he didn’t want to hear Gods voice, and how he doesn’t believe in God or religions, and how everything I’ve been taught, has been nothing but a stupid lie! and that there is no God! and there is no Jesus! or an afterlife and that I’m delusional!
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, who was this demonic force trying to penetrate my core beliefs?
I could only take it so much,
so after the second time
he said that I’ve been lied to about Jesus, I just knew in my heart that I had to cut him off.
I was faced with my enemy if you will, as he claimed to be”atheist” and what really bothered me
the most was how far removed he was from anything remotely spiritual.
He was full of anger and held
deeply warped negative views on life, faith and religions.
My hopes of finding my soulmate went down the drain
I wouldn’t get to live out my fantasy of having a spiritual lover with someone that can be uplifting, while working together on music and writing.
So then after about the 7th nasty
text he sent me, I straight up told him “I’m sorry” but I can’t be your friend because “I believe in Jesus Christ “he’s my savior, and I’m on the spiritual path to awakening and your clearly in a negative place and your full of deep rooted issues, I can’t surround myself with your negative vibes!
“good luck” and “good bye”!
I was shaking as I wrote my last text to him, I don’t know if it was because I felt attacked or what
but, it definitely felt as if I was fighting with satan himself.
I find it bizarre how he chose to
contact me in the first place
and then I wondered why he chose such a spiritual name like that of “Indigo” when in reality he was undeserving of something that represents spiritual wisdom and
the ultimate connection to
Feeling like a spiritual soldier
defending my “God” without giving it a second thought
immediately I blocked his number from my cellphone.
I hoped that my words would somehow touch his soul
and that he finds some kind of faith in his lifetime.
As I continue on my journey
today, I simply couldn’t imagine living that way, now that I’ve found my way back to a life
full of faith in “Jesus Christ”.
The love and peace I feel, every moment of every day has given new meaning and purpose to my life and I certainly refuse to ever let another man or relationship tear me away from my spiritual path.

Author: Indigo Sky

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