By Indigo Sky 7/3/18

I’ve had to strip away all of the
things, I thought I needed
in my life, little by little my
circle has gotten smaller
and I’m starting to feel like
the lonely Buddha in search
of enlightenment.
Each morning I awaken to a
world of peace and serenity
as I make it my mission to find
my zen.
Every day new discoveries await outside in nature’s playground,
a perfect day for me plays out like this…
I wake up and light an incense
and say a prayer for the new day
after that I complete my morning beauty ritual of slathering multiple sunscreens all over my face and body to protect me from the hot Miami sun.
I gather my hair into a ponytail and throw on a baseball cap for
extra sun protection. Then I’m off to explore a new day, filled with genuine appreciation for the nature and the beauty that surrounds me, sometimes the first thing I will notice is a beautiful butterfly or a rare bird like the blue cardinal which happens to be one of my favorite ones to spot, as they remind me of my late father.
Somehow I believe that his spirit is here with me and that maybe he’s actually reincarnated in that blue bird that seems hear me,
as it follows me along the path.
I will always remember how it was his favorite bird when he was a little boy growing up.
I like to believe animals communicate with us and that
we have to the power to communicate right back.
Today I had to wait for the thunderstorms to pass before I
could venture outdoors, but as soon as it subsided I wasted no time in heading out to see the wonders that were waiting to
be seen and cherished.
Mother nature cleanses and
restores the perfection in everything, I breathe in the fresh
oxygen from the surrounding trees, I can’t help but notice the droplets of rain on the enormous
palm leaves as they fan out
in perfection, with intricate patterns that can only be found
in nature.
Sitting on my meditation rock
I quietly observed all that’s
around me, as I take in the
rays of beaming sunlight and
feel the life force energy throughout my body.
I have a million things to be thankful for and finding my zen is one of them, it’s the greatest life changing gift.
I’ve entered a new phase in my life, I’m a changed person and chaos has no place in it.
I now choose to live in a state
of bliss that nothing and no one
can ever take away from me.
Every day I worship God,
I’m grateful to have a restored connection, after what seemed like nearly a lifetime of separation and turmoil.
Each new day I’m gifted,
I recognize what’s really important and how fortunate
I am to be here today.
Now I take the time to breathe in slowly and really become mindful of every detail in my life.
I can finally enjoy the
precious moments that I’ve been given, I’m living in harmony with nature and the circadian rhythms with the sun and the moon.
At long last I get to experience serene moments created from
from a higher realm,
which allows me to feel the oneness within my heart and throughout my soul.

Author: Indigo Sky

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