By Indigo Sky July 16, 2018

I’ve been having this reoccurring
dream with my best friend
Katie from my New York days,
and this is haunting me because
it’s been over 10 years since
we last spoke.

The dream takes place in a dark
club like space, and it’s as if we’re hanging out like we
did back when we were best friends.

This last particular dream
I heard her voice loud and clear as was telling me that she needed to go home and
that she didn’t have any money, then she stared out into the darkness and before I could say anything,
my dream fades out.

I actually heard her voice just as you would in real life, which I find interestingly fascinating as I’m slowly discovering the link between our dreams and the astral plane.

The last time I actually saw Katie was back in New York while we were celebrating at “The Copa” the nightclub known for some of the biggest latin acts in the world.
We were there for a record release party that was being thrown by my Fiancé and his
record label for his top selling act “El Combo” a salsa band which happens to be the hottest in the industry as well as being Katie’s favorite band.

Katie and I worked the guest list,
and enjoyed a night of absolute madness, we had the best spot in the VIP section next to the press and photographers.

As the band played their new hit we danced and sang at the top of our lungs, then seemingly out of nowhere she casually mentioned that she had been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in her breast and that she would be needing more testing she never mentioned it again, I think I even disregarded the conversation due to the fact that the music was ridiculously loud and I was much too intoxicated to comprehend the depth of her words.

Katie and I were inseparable from the moment we met
bartending in Hell’s Kitchen”
at the trendy hotspot “Club Marquee” and from the first night while I was training her
we instantly clicked, and soon enough that we would become soul sisters.

Katie was a beautiful Latina mix of Honduran and Chinese, she was strong, and independent, petite yet powerful like dynamite and she didn’t take shit from anyone.

This was probably due to
the trauma that she endured
during her childhood forcing her to become an orphan.
She never knew her father
and sadly she lost her mother
to breast cancer at the tender age of 10 and although she was later adopted by her best friends parents, nothing could ever mend her broken heart.

Not having her mother around was a depressing reality, and the
struggle to survive would begin
before high school, Katie grew up fast in order to provide for her younger brother and she supported herself by working the night shift bouncing around various bars throughout the city.

I remember she was mature beyond her years and she had a serious nature about her which I now completely understand.
I admit there were times it where it annoyed the hell out of me,
for example like our spring break trip to “Cancun” where it seemed we couldn’t agree on even the little things from the beach to our dining options,
she loved everything that was fried and spicy while I craved simple Italian dishes.

I still laugh about the time we rented scooters in Cozumel and decided to go for a swim in an empty and unfamiliar beach, cluelessly we jumped in the water and almost died from a million baby jellyfish.
We later learned the reason why
there we no other beach goers.
Mexico was a death defying and life changing vacation.

We shared some of our deepest and darkest stories while exploring the Yucatán peninsula and our trip to the “Mayan Temple Ruins “ was absolutely
There was a certain energy that could be felt, it was very spiritual and it brought up deep hidden emotions that had been buried
for many years.

Before leaving the ruins we took a few pictures and it was as if we were instantly transported back to the days of the Mayans, I felt the oneness with the sun and the sky, and the very land we were standing upon that of our great “Mother Earth”.
Chichen Itza was a surreal
place, I was transformed into
the Mayan Goddess of love
and our friendship was sealed
deep in those sacred Ruins.

I regret moving away from nyc and not keeping in touch with Katie, it’s almost as if I deleted
my old life as soon as I got engaged. I was blinded by love and I allowed myself to give up my old life, friends and contacts included.

In the past year I’ve started exploring astral projections
and Quantum meditation.
I’m absolutely fascinated with the possibility of being able
to leave my body and discover
other realms. So my question is…Did Katie pass away?
are these visions of her spirit
in the afterlife?
I swear it feels so real,
I can still recall our conversations and I actually heard the distinct sound of her voice loud and clear.

I wonder if I’m actually in the astral planes each time we
connect and maybe she’s crossed over already.
I honestly don’t know if she is in fact dead or alive, but somehow
I have an eerie feeling that she has passed away.
Perhaps her spirit has indeed found me in the astral planes.

I know your probably thinking that I’m crazy or that I’ve might
have eaten a handful of magic mushrooms, but I reassure you that I haven’t.
I’m simply obsessed with these thoughts and experiences and
I do believe that anything is possible in the unseen world
and I suppose I find some type of comfort in knowing that the astral realm has become our new hangout spot.

Author: Indigo Sky

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