By Indigo Sky 8/7/18

Spiritual girl in the material world
Don’t let the weight of the world
interfere with your ascension.
Don’t give up and don’t let go
Jesus loves you more than
you know.

Elevate your state of mind
leave your burdens far behind
Expand your consciousness
and expand your mind
It’s thru your 3rd eye connection
that you’ll begin to fly

Breaking free from the 3rd dimensional plane
letting go of deep sorrow
and pain.
A realm where spiritual wonders await, a place where you’ll no
longer feel afraid.

You can begin a new day
In a new world
like a forever changed girl
no longer lost.

Now you have a liquid mind
your floating in serenity
within the quantum realm
your dreams play out
you are the creator
that is responsible for your
life’s journey.

Your the only that holds the
tools to unlock your power
where pure creativity
lies hidden, yet is overflowing
from this divine connection
to all that there is.

Find the freedom to access all realms and dimensions.
Break thru the dome
you ‘ll find the light
Illuminating every part
of who you really are.

Author: Indigo Sky

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