By Indigo Sky 8/9/18

When I was a little kid growing up I remember being such a scaredy-cat that I couldn’t possibly fathom the thought
of sleeping with my bedroom light off.

My sweet angel of a mother
had a special gift for knowing exactly what to say and
by her touch she knew
exactly how to soothe
my fears away.

With just a light touch she could
send healing waves of energy
that seemed to calm me down almost instantly and somehow miraculously I’d fall sound asleep in the dark until the morning.

My mother was a healer and
she had the power to heal
everything from my headache
to my belly aches.
Her comforting touch was the
most amazing feeling I have
ever felt.

I didn’t know about Reiki or healing of any kind, yet somehow I stumbled upon
it by developing a passion
for doing massages and chakra healing.

I would practice on my fiancé
during road trips and during
our intimate moments alone
I remember how would tell me
“OMG Baby! You Give a Bomb Ass Massage! “WTF”
That Shit Was Cosmic!

I explained to him that I was simply transmitting the light energy that I received from the
universe and that it was from
a higher source, I told him
that it was from God.

Today I can still recall that tingly feeling that I would get as a little girl, each time my mother would place her hands on me it was like a current of energy that shot through my body inducing the most tranquil feeling I could never forget.

I find it difficult to put into mere words…But I guess you could say, “It was Cosmic!”

So looking back I now realize
that my mother had laid the
foundation she was my healer
a true Goddess of love.

I’m amazed that somehow this innate knowledge was passed to me yet remained hidden deep within my soul and now today
as I write these words I too
have become a healer
and light worker.

Along my path I’ve discovered that we’ve all been given this incredible gift of becoming healers and thru spiritual awakening, meditation and chakra healing, the light body activation process begins.
bringing you closer to
enlightenment and spiritual bliss.

Author: Indigo Sky

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