“The Call”

By Indigo Sky

I’ve recently had a strong calling urging me to go to Mt. Shasta in Northern California, I first heard about the vortex during a road trip about 5 years ago while RV’ing thru the state of Oregon. It’s supposed to be the biggest vortex in the Western Hemisphere.

Our amazing planet has 7 chakras or energy centers, and Mt. Shasta is said to be our root chakra. It’s also considered to be the primal energy center of the planet.

Spiritual seekers from around the world are drawn here for truth and enlightenment, But Mt. Shasta has actually been home to at least 5 different indigenous tribes.

Just the other day I stumbled upon a documentary on the Winnemem wintu tribe, and ironically it was the same day that I awoke to “the calling”.

I can’t explain how or why but as I was making my bed, I noticed how I heard ringing in my ears, as I paused my minds eye kept seeing glimpses of the imagery of Mt. Shasta, it was almost as if I teleported.

Seemingly out of the blue I’ve become obsessed by this strange and inmate desire to seek Mt. Shasta and it’s beautiful purple aura.

It is believed that within the vortex we can receive and download information from other dimensions as well as the akashic records and ascended masters, angels and saints.

Mt. Shasta is known as a sacred Mountain that offers healing and to this day rituals are still being performed every year in August.

Mt. Shasta remains a mystery as there have been many stories reported about abductions and bizarre sightings of others beings from different dimensions,

as well as the Lemurians that are thought to inhabit an underground crystalline city.

What’s fascinating about this new obsession is the notion that I will receive a message or perhaps even a manifestation from my beloved father who sadly passed away 2 years ago this fall.

I believe that in the vortex every soul that ever existed can meet the living ones that have yet to ascend. Here we can meet with ascended masters and spirit guides, fairies and light beings.

I find a deep comfort in this newfound wisdom and I’d like to hold on to the belief, that our loved ones and all other beings of light can be found here and that healing and communication from other realms is possible inside of the vortex.

Author: Indigo Sky

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