By Indigo Sky 7/3/18

I’ve had to strip away all of the
things, I thought I needed
in my life, little by little my
circle has gotten smaller
and I’m starting to feel like
the lonely Buddha in search
of enlightenment.
Each morning I awaken to a
world of peace and serenity
as I make it my mission to find
my zen.
Every day new discoveries await outside in nature’s playground,
a perfect day for me plays out like this…
I wake up and light an incense
and say a prayer for the new day
after that I complete my morning beauty ritual of slathering multiple sunscreens all over my face and body to protect me from the hot Miami sun.
I gather my hair into a ponytail and throw on a baseball cap for
extra sun protection. Then I’m off to explore a new day, filled with genuine appreciation for the nature and the beauty that surrounds me, sometimes the first thing I will notice is a beautiful butterfly or a rare bird like the blue cardinal which happens to be one of my favorite ones to spot, as they remind me of my late father.
Somehow I believe that his spirit is here with me and that maybe he’s actually reincarnated in that blue bird that seems hear me,
as it follows me along the path.
I will always remember how it was his favorite bird when he was a little boy growing up.
I like to believe animals communicate with us and that
we have to the power to communicate right back.
Today I had to wait for the thunderstorms to pass before I
could venture outdoors, but as soon as it subsided I wasted no time in heading out to see the wonders that were waiting to
be seen and cherished.
Mother nature cleanses and
restores the perfection in everything, I breathe in the fresh
oxygen from the surrounding trees, I can’t help but notice the droplets of rain on the enormous
palm leaves as they fan out
in perfection, with intricate patterns that can only be found
in nature.
Sitting on my meditation rock
I quietly observed all that’s
around me, as I take in the
rays of beaming sunlight and
feel the life force energy throughout my body.
I have a million things to be thankful for and finding my zen is one of them, it’s the greatest life changing gift.
I’ve entered a new phase in my life, I’m a changed person and chaos has no place in it.
I now choose to live in a state
of bliss that nothing and no one
can ever take away from me.
Every day I worship God,
I’m grateful to have a restored connection, after what seemed like nearly a lifetime of separation and turmoil.
Each new day I’m gifted,
I recognize what’s really important and how fortunate
I am to be here today.
Now I take the time to breathe in slowly and really become mindful of every detail in my life.
I can finally enjoy the
precious moments that I’ve been given, I’m living in harmony with nature and the circadian rhythms with the sun and the moon.
At long last I get to experience serene moments created from
from a higher realm,
which allows me to feel the oneness within my heart and throughout my soul.

“Desperately Defending My Spiritual Views With An Atheist”

By Indigo Sky

I have to admit that ever since
I’ve embarked on my spiritual journey I’ve had a difficult time
finding likeminded people.
Most of my friends are still stuck
in the lower dimensional planes
and as far as boyfriends go,
I have yet to meet a guy that shares the same views as I do.
I wonder if this is part of my spiritual growth process because I swear last night
while I was texting this guy I
met online whom I thought would fit my idea of the perfect boyfriend, as he claimed to be
a screenwriter, and ironically
we share the same name “Indigo”.
You see I’ve had this fantasy of meeting and falling in love with a man that is on the spiritual
path, someone that can see
me for who and what I truly am, and not just the physical or the sexual part of me.
I was instantly intrigued by his
knowledge in film, writers, music, and directors.
Then it seems that once our
conversation switched to art
and creativity he flipped the script.
I simply suggested that
he work on his chakras to unblock them as he struggled with writers block and depression.
I explained how it helped me through my personal bout with
Then he goes on to tell me that
his favorite chakra is the 3rd eye, so I decided to share a story with
him about my recent experience working on my 3rd eye chakra.
I told how I received 2 messages while meditating.
The first message I heard was “Raise your hand and praise Jesus “!Then the second message I heard was “It’s all about love”!
I told him I was gonna send him the music that I used for that particular meditation and that how I believed that the voice
I heard was from God, then all of a sudden he became a different person, it was as if the devil came out.
He quickly became dark and negative while trying to insult my views and beliefs along with
my choice of faith.
He was the definition of nasty and evil, he told me that he didn’t want to hear Gods voice, and how he doesn’t believe in God or religions, and how everything I’ve been taught, has been nothing but a stupid lie! and that there is no God! and there is no Jesus! or an afterlife and that I’m delusional!
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, who was this demonic force trying to penetrate my core beliefs?
I could only take it so much,
so after the second time
he said that I’ve been lied to about Jesus, I just knew in my heart that I had to cut him off.
I was faced with my enemy if you will, as he claimed to be”atheist” and what really bothered me
the most was how far removed he was from anything remotely spiritual.
He was full of anger and held
deeply warped negative views on life, faith and religions.
My hopes of finding my soulmate went down the drain
I wouldn’t get to live out my fantasy of having a spiritual lover with someone that can be uplifting, while working together on music and writing.
So then after about the 7th nasty
text he sent me, I straight up told him “I’m sorry” but I can’t be your friend because “I believe in Jesus Christ “he’s my savior, and I’m on the spiritual path to awakening and your clearly in a negative place and your full of deep rooted issues, I can’t surround myself with your negative vibes!
“good luck” and “good bye”!
I was shaking as I wrote my last text to him, I don’t know if it was because I felt attacked or what
but, it definitely felt as if I was fighting with satan himself.
I find it bizarre how he chose to
contact me in the first place
and then I wondered why he chose such a spiritual name like that of “Indigo” when in reality he was undeserving of something that represents spiritual wisdom and
the ultimate connection to
Feeling like a spiritual soldier
defending my “God” without giving it a second thought
immediately I blocked his number from my cellphone.
I hoped that my words would somehow touch his soul
and that he finds some kind of faith in his lifetime.
As I continue on my journey
today, I simply couldn’t imagine living that way, now that I’ve found my way back to a life
full of faith in “Jesus Christ”.
The love and peace I feel, every moment of every day has given new meaning and purpose to my life and I certainly refuse to ever let another man or relationship tear me away from my spiritual path.

“A Prayer For Humanity “

By Indigo Sky

Lord Jesus pour your spirit
out and let your light
lift us up, we need your
We turn to you for refuge in
these times of turmoil and
We seek forgiveness of
our sins.
Please help the suffering,
the dying, the lonely, the hungry, the voiceless, the powerless, the abused, the abandoned, the forgotten, and the separated.
Bless and protect our planet earth, the animal kingdom and all of mankind.
Bless and heal our environment, the oceans, and the entire ecosystem.
Jesus we press into you
with open hearts, heal our wounds, hear our prayers,
our lives, faith and trust we give to you,


By Indigo Sky 6/21/18

Ever since I can remember
I have always loved hot summer
days and all of the freedom I
felt from running in the grass
with my little bare feet that would often get stung by
numerous bumblebees.
I was the “cartwheel queen”
and had a natural gift of being
athletic so I would love to try
different gymnastic moves in
the courtyard with my besties, despite the fact that my parents were against it as they thought I would end up with some kind of awful spinal injury.
Then there was the “Mr.Softee”
ice cream truck, the absolute highlight to our heatwave inspired days, desperately we
would try and flag him down.
I was a fan of the “Bomb Pop”
with its vibrant colors of the flag
and its delicious flavors of blue raspberry, cherries and lime.
My hands and sundress would end up a complete mess and my mouth completely stained with color. I remember the days were so hot that our ice cream would melt faster than we could possibly eat it.
I will always miss the feeling of a hot sunny day playing in the park and running thru the fields on freshly cut grass with it’s wonderful fresh fragrance of nature and summertime fun.
The game of “Manhunt” was
one of my favorite games to play
In the evenings with a group of neighborhood friends my inner tomboy would relish in climbing trees, hiding in bushes and
and jumping off high places.
Bucks County, was a magical
place for me growing up,
I got to discover nature and creeks, parks and hiking trails.
One summer night in mid June,
I was about 8 years old, and
I remember being with my
mother and a group of her friends and we went to
“Tyler Park” a beautiful pristine nature reserve that was full of hiking trails and horseback riding, and canoeing along the creeks.
This was truly one of my favorite places to go and I would jump
with excitement every time.
So as I’m following everyone,
all of a sudden we come to
a halt and the unthinkable happened we were totally
lost in the dark wooded trails. Somehow we took the wrong path and wound up getting lost in the middle of the mountainous trails, the sun had already set.
I was filled with fear as I couldn’t see anything and I was always desperately afraid of the dark then to make matters worse,
my over active imagination
made the park remind
me of something out of a
horror movie, and I expected
to see Jason from “Friday The 13th” at any given moment.
Then after what seemed
like forever, we were blessed
by the Park Ranger and were
soon rescued. He informed us
that the park had closed over 2
hours ago and that he was on his way to lock the parks main entrance when he noticed our
Car parked by itself, followed
by screams for help and the cries of little children mostly
from me I imagine.
The funniest part was when we discovered just how close we actually were to the parking lot.
Suddenly everyone burst into
laughter, immediately I stopped crying from the ordeal and my tears turned to laughter as well from hearing everyone around me laughing with relief.
Those were some of my fondest
memories, full of pure happiness
and magical moments.
With fireflies that lit up the vast summer night skies with their bright fluorescent hues of
neon green, igniting childhood dreams.
I was innocent and curious, daring and wild, living a
carefree life full of endless summer fun.

“Sometimes I Just Need To Live In Oblivion “

By Indigo Sky 6/20/18

Sometimes life is overwhelming and I need to detox from the tragic stories and events that
are taking place worldwide
and close to home.
From Immigration flaws and
the current stance on how to handle the laws, as well as how and when the raids are carried out.
ICE with it’s flawed system has
destroyed millions of families,
by separating babies and toddlers from their own
mother’s then sending them
off to foster homes and detention centers causing irreparable psychological damage and trauma.
My heart feels heavy, as I can just imagine the fear in these children of all ages, not knowing or comprehending the true reality of what’s happening to their parents.
I wonder who will comfort their
helpless cries in the night?
Who will hold them tight and provide the necessary shelter and security that all children deserve.
I’m horrified of all the footage
on these poor helpless families being ripped apart in the most cruel and heartless ways imaginable then forced into nasty, cold and despicably unsanitary detention centers that resemble nothing close to a sanctuary or safe haven.
It’s disheartening the
way the media force feeds us negativity with every new post
You read.
Where are all of the happy stories? Has our world really
become such an evil wasteland for humanity?
Why is it that we are being programmed into accepting this way of living, where chaos and tragedy sprinkled with blood and heartbreak are now whats fueling us on a daily basis?
It’s hard to believe what has become the new norm and
what influences are shaping
the current state of our warped
and brainwashed views.
Oblivion can be a good thing especially when nowadays sadness is looming and swirling
all around, everything on social media seems to be death, murder, child molestation, rape, and suicide and human trafficking.
Despair and hopelessness is what seems to be what’s trending lately, whether it’s a successful young rapper shot dead from gun violence, to the
numerous suicide cases in
Hollywood as well as the
fashion industry.
I almost feel guilty about my newfound “spiritual bliss”
that I’ve recently been experiencing, due to the fact
that I took a hiatus, a much needed vacay from everything,
including and especially all
“Social media”&”news”.
You see I tend to be an extremist and what I mean by that is,
that when I’m caught up
in the latest breaking news
stories I have to go to every media outlet for the latest updates and videos.
I will actually become so enraged that my mood changes
and I become gloomy and depressed, crying and sobbing as I continue to read and look
at more disturbing images.
We live in a world of illusions
and It’s getting harder to decipher what’s true and what’s fake, however now and then a tragic story touches you to the core, for example the death of “Anthony Bourdain” who thanks to my beautiful mother, I had the pleasure of discovering while seeing him on his travels, while she and I sipped on Colombian coffee as we daydreamed of someday traveling and getting to try out different cultures and cuisines. He was a daredevil when it came to food and so he inspired me to
be brave with my food palette.
Moving onwards, I admit that I’ve become extremely sensitive lately and I feel compassion for all people especially when they die from a senseless tragedy.
I often get overwhelmed with all of the turmoil and violence that I’m bombarded with daily.
Sometimes I want to hideaway and disconnect from everything that’s going on in the world and all around me, because I can’t
spend all of my time crying.
I’m supposed to be on a “spiritual path” not the path of agony and despair.
I yearn for a peace of mind which I find inside of my
cocoon of oblivion.

“Awakening With Gaia”

By Indigo Sky 6/7/18

Ever since I began my awakening I’ve discovered
a new outlook on my life as
well as a new approach to being
fit while combining a spiritual regimen that allows me to feel centered and balanced.
Now I get my daily dose of
blood circulating cardio
outside in nature with the
trees, immersed in the healing energies of “Mother Earth herself, the one and only “Gaia.”
I can no longer tolerate the crowded gym scene where I
find that I become easily distracted or I might feel the need to rush thru my sets because of the next person
that is impatiently staring at me, hoping that I hurry up even
faster, which in turn leaves me feeling stressed out.
The last time I stepped foot
in a gym was about a year ago and I still have the selfies to show for it.
I hate to reveal something so shallow about myself, but I
use to being one of those annoying people that had to
look sexy, trendy, and hip just to workout in a popular gym where
it’s all about trying to impress.
Eventually it all becomes extremely exhausting and the novelty wears off.
Honestly the whole gym process
annoys me to the point that I recreated my fitness lifestyle.
I’ve become a nature girl who now loves to walk, jog, run,
hike, you name it.
Rain or shine nothing beats the amazing feeling you get from being outside in nature, I find
this to be very therapeutic.
I love breathing in the fresh air
and grounding myself in “Mother Nature”with every step I take,
I’m connecting with the earth as the sunshine penetrates my soul healing and nourishing every cell in my body.
I discovered that the joys of meditation can be found in a more organic way and this has helped me access to my inner voice.
Also the health benefits of doing cardio outside in nature are endless and I love how energized and inspired I feel after spending an hour looking at the ever changing landscapes.
Some of my best ideas have
popped into my mind this way.
I will randomly create new routes
to get to a lake or a nearby park where I can lose myself and really get in tune with my body, mind and soul.
Once I let my thoughts and goals arise, and the daydreaming subsides, I then start to feel lighter and incredibly relaxed, allowing true inner happiness to flow surrounding me for rest of my day.
Lately my spiritual awakening
has allowed me to understand why I felt such a strong urge to be in nature, and to experience the rhythms and the sounds.
I believe that we are connected
to all living things and each
morning this is confirmed as I’m surrounded by many different types of plants and flowers, and a vast array of birds that fill the silent sky with their melodies making everything feel magical.
Florida is definitely a spiritual
place, it’s also a nature lovers paradise and sanctuary.
I read a story recently where it spoke about the vortex in Sarasota which is also known as the city of lights.

This is a place that attracts all types of healers due to its many spiritual workshops and yoga studios,
the Ley lines give off powerful magnetic energy that can be used for healing and psychic abilities.
Which leads me back to a dream
I had a few years ago,
I dreamt that I was in Florida
on what seemed like a beautiful day with bright blue skies walking along a bridge that had water on both sides, it was a happy dream I even remembered the warm sunny feeling.
Fast forward one day my roommate decides to show me around Jupiter and West Palm beach and to my surprise it was like a deja”vu as soon as we drove onto the bridge that takes you to “Palm beach island” over the intercostal waterways, I freaked out when I realized that the view I was now seeing, is and was exactly what I saw in my dream! coincidence?  I don’t think so.
I believe God led me here,
as this is the one and only
place where I’ve managed to find my peace of mind, along with the serenity that I’ve desperately been seeking for most of my life.
I look forward to my next fitness adventure tomorrow, maybe I’ll see a “Blue Morpho butterfly.”

“Inner Light “
By Indigo Sky

I am here to awaken the masses, to help those that are feeling lost and hopeless.
I am here to remind you of something that we all possess,
and that is our inner light.
I have begun my awakening,
I magnify all the cosmic energy
in the universe.
I am love,
I am light,
I am abundant and prosperous.
I attract good things and positive
I am magnetic to like minded people with enlightened souls.
I am a light worker sent here
to help awaken those lost in
the matrix better known as “life
on earth” or shall I say the “3rd Dimension”.
I long to share the beauty of
trusting in Jesus Christ,
There’s a certain deep rooted comfort that comes with this awareness.
A pure and simple joy that brings
happiness, yet my words could never truly describe what only needs to be felt.
Trusting in the universe and knowing that our thoughts create our outcomes,
can help to make you aware of how “powerful and magnetic”
our thoughts can be.
We are here to live, to learn,
and to grow, while giving back
by helping others to awaken.
We must learn to love with open hearts, and to remember that
we are all here to shine our “inner light”.
We are here to find our way back home,”to the one and only divine source of love and beauty, that is our father, “Jesus Christ.”