“Spiritual Euphoria”

By Indigo Sky 5/28/18

The Process of awakening
Is causing me to lose myself,
I’m changing on so many levels that it’s caused me to withdraw. Lately l find myself becoming distant with the very people who were once priority in my life,
I’m on a thirsty hunt for
enlightenment and understanding.
I dove in blindly and now I’m deeply immersed into a magical
world of love and light,
auras and chakra healing.
There is an immense hunger for truth and wisdom, I’m finding myself torn between 2 different
This revelation of my spiritual self and it’s need for peace and solitude has made me take on
the characteristics of a loner.
So choosing to hang out with my friends or indulge in staying home alone in my sweet sacred space is simply a no brainer.
I long for my walks in the
spiritual garden of my mind.
I long for the serene zen life,
can I actually achieve this amazing and wonderful
lifestyle? when it seems that every time I’m almost there…“boom!” Something
happens to test me and knock
me down and off of my spiritual cloud of bliss.
This new world of discovering my spiritual awakening,”
has been long work in progress,
and finally after breaking free
from the toxic relationships that were preventing me from finding nirvana.
I’ve now come to realize
just how reluctant I am to have
to give up my free time with meaningless things, just the very thought of having to sacrifice my precious time that could be used for my spiritual work, such as my favorite Reiki, yoga, or Kundalini meditations gets me irritated.
This past month I’ve resisted every situation having to do with alcohol, hangovers, eating junk food, and sleep deprivation.
I confess to loving my little cocoon so much that I’ve even begun the art of ghosting most of my friends and potential
dates by simply ignoring their texts, and preferring to work on my 3rd eye meditations,
lost in a trancelike state until I drift away into the astral abyss.
I find it extremely difficult to spend my time and energy with people that aren’t on my level, not because I think I’m better or anything like that, however…needless to say I do feel it drains my energy to the point that I can’t bear the thought of possibly sharing the night with an unenlightened person, somehow I almost always walk away feeling drained and exhausted.
I really hope that I can find a way to balance my new life with the old, because after all I can’t stay on my magic yoga mat forever and love isn’t gonna just pop into my room and into my life.
I have to learn to come down to this earth plane more often,
It’s so easy to get lost in the euphoria of your own spiritual awakening, and besides in the world of dating, the whole meet and greet thing can be extremely exhausting.
I cringe when I think of all the
lost time spent on getting ready
for a date with a person that I barely know and having to endure an evening of overpriced food at an overrated restaurant.
I’m so over having to deal with self centered, egotistical, fake people.
It’s becoming a real challenge for me to exist in this 3rd dimension,
Now that I’ve opened the Pandora’s box of spiritual wisdom and growth.
I truly feel like I’m ascending
to a higher realm and it’s becoming real difficult to be around people that don’t
comprehend this powerful awakening that is happening not only to me, but to all of humanity.
I went from being a clueless sheep lost in the matrix,
to bravely embarking on this
solo journey into the unknown realms of spirituality.
I have spent many nights in solitude in order to become a better me, an enlightened soul, light worker and a healer.

“Living With a Toxic Roommate “ By Indigo Sky 5/21/18

Have you ever found yourself
living in an uncomfortable roommate situation? You know the kind that brought you nothing but stress and constant worrying?

Have you ever had a roommate that left you wondering what kind of mood you’ll find them in on a constant daily basis?

Don’t you just hate when your
roommate wakes you up at 5 am meanwhile your set to wake up at 10:30.

How about when your roommate starts the day with screaming and yelling even though everyone else is asleep and they’re the only one awake.
Did you ever have a roommate that wakes up angry and miserable and then expects everyone else to wake up in the same manner?

Have you ever woken up to the sound of broken glass and kitchen cabinets being slammed so hard that the entire cupboard shakes.

Have you ever had a roommate that
decided to do her laundry while your still trying to sleep?

Ever awaken to the banging thump of sneakers in the dryer? that you secretly hoped would melt into a gooey mess.

How about the excruciatingly
annoying sound of a broken washer machine that has a mind of its own.
Oh but wait, it gets better.

Have you ever heard the sound of “Godzillas footsteps walking back and forth in the living room practically shaking the entire apartment?

The world of roommates definitely has its ups and downs, I tell myself quickly remembering that everything is temporary as my roommate prepares to leave for her job.

Ahh yes…at last I can hear the footsteps slowly fade out to the hallway and down the stairs, at last she’s gone, I think to myself as my toxic roommate drives away .

Finally I can sleep again, after taking a deep breath I let the fleeting anger subside, as I confirm just how much misery loves company.

Sharing a living space can be challenging especially when one of you is on a spiritual path
and the other is still stuck in a lower vibration.

I discovered a few ways to prevent the drama and the inevitable fights that come along with confronting a toxic roommate.

I had to endure about a 2 years of  feeling resentment and anger. I felt stuck, frustrated and defeated.

Then I discovered a new approach to dealing with my toxic roommate and the results are amazing.

I began sleeping with earplugs every night, it’s easy cheap and effective.
Then if it gets super loud, I reach for my ear pods and I’ll listen to music or I’ll do my Chakras.
I find this will raise my vibration  plus allowing me to go back to sleep peacefully and wake up feeling refreshed and amazing instead of irritable or negative. I found this has helped to prevent many unnecessary fights.

I like to believe that our “home life” should be a “sacred space” where peace and serenity surrounds us over drama and fighting over ridiculous things.

There’s certainly enough conflict and negativity going on in this world, but don’t get me wrong, there are those moments when I am fed up, and just like any other person…would love to seek revenge.

Just the very thought of vacuuming the living room at
midnight appeals to me in a harmlessly wicked way…just to give them a taste of their own medicine, would probably satisfy me…if only for a moment. But no thank you, I have come too far on my journey .

The path to enlightenment is my current mindset and I certainly don’t want diminish all of my efforts by resorting to an eye for an eye mentality.

So instead of getting mad or lashing out at her, Sometimes  I will light incense and put on Reiki meditation music for cleansing the space of negativity it’s good to ward off toxic people.

I’ve played it secretly on several occasions while hoping my roommate would have an energy shift and guess what? It actually works.

I can testify it’s effectiveness even after heated arguments, I play the frequencies loud enough to be heard, allowing the vibrations to emit their powerful energy throughout the space and home.

Taking the higher road will keep the peace in your life, creating a peaceful environment while allowing you to remain your true happy spiritual self.

“ A Mother’s Love “

By Indigo Sky 5/7/18

Reminiscing on my favorite childhood memories, I can’t help but to feel melancholy realizing how truly blessed I am.
I cherish this sacred bond that I share with my mother, remaining inseparable throughout my life, even now oceans apart.
My mother is my safe haven, the best place for me to seek love,
warmth, and shelter from the uncertainties of growing up and trying to survive in this ever changing landscape that we call life.
I look at my mother as an angelic
Soul, she’s pure and kind with an unfailing capacity to love me, wholeheartedly as well as unconditionally.
Pure and delicate like the rarest
pearl in the ocean.
She dedicated her life with the truest love and devotion.
A mother’s love is unlike any other, it tugs and pulls at your heart strings, reminding you that
the invisible cord can never be broken.
Blessed everyday with a bond so strong, it’s been blessed by the love of God.
Inside her was the seed of life
she carried me, and nurtured me,
breathing life into me.
I entered this world with a heart full of love, spiritually connected
to my mother.
I feel blessed to know that
“a mother’s heart, is Gods true testament of the miracle that is love.”

“Signs of Spiritual Awakening”

By Indigo sky

Many of us are starting to awaken and there is a hunger for spiritual truth as we seek a deeper understanding of life.

Here is a list of the signs that were revealed to me in subtle ways over a gradual period of time, as I began my journey to ascension. Maybe you are also experiencing one of the following :

1. Sudden interest in Yoga and Meditation.
2. Exploring Lucid Dreaming and Astral Travel/Projection.
3. Chakra Meditation and Kundalini yoga.
4. Opening of the 3rd eye.
Light Body Activation
5. Exercising outdoors with nature and natural sunlight.
6. Connecting with the vibrations of the plants and animals, the trees and the flowers.
7. Activating my pineal gland with the sun.
8. Awareness of nature, colors and details magnified.
9. Changing my music playlist to enhance my spiritual path .
10. Awareness of food and nutrition, resulting in the elimination of junk food and all processed foods.
11. Stopped drinking alcohol.
Eliminated toxic friendships and situations.
12. Shedding my desires for material possessions.
13. Stopped needing validation from people and social media.
14. Stopped needing a man or person to love me.
15. Sudden interest in what’s happening to our planet and wanting to help our wild life and marine life due to globalization and politics as well as pollution.
16. Feeling compassion and kindness.
17. Elevated happiness and bliss.
18. Trusting in the universe. 19. Having a connection to the divine light source, that which is God.



By Indigo Sky 4/27/18

Growing up as the youngest of three girls I was always inside the house surrounded by my mothers inescapable influences.
One of the most beautiful memories I hold is that of the solitude that my mother seemed to relish in.
She was a dreamer and lived in a self sufficient world full of music, love, peace, and serenity.
Upon awakening I was immediately immersed in a mystical world full of incense and candles. I would often find her sipping on her favorite coffee or tea depending on her mood.
Every day was a new musical journey that I would unknowingly be a part of. I recall listening to everything
From the Gypsy King’s to Elton John, to Donna Summer and Diana Ross, even Latin artists like Ana Gabriel or Julio Iglesias.
Each song evoking a different
emotion inside of me.
Its amazing to think just how deep music can impact the soul. And even after many years have come and gone, it still remains in my memory and it has the power to ignite a wide range of feelings and emotions locked away deep inside of me.
Looking back nostalgia and tears consume me, yet in a strange way the solitude feels like nourishment to my soul. And it’s exactly what I need as it fills the void in my heart and allows me to connect with my true self.
It’s interesting how as the years go by and we get older, we tend to mirror our parents.
Today I find myself living life on
a spiritual path, and craving that same solitude that my mother would lose herself in.
A sacred place where the veil can be lifted and everything becomes transparent.
I’m not ashamed to say that I too relish in these moments of
solitude and bliss.

“Nobody cared”
By Indigo Sky 4/25/18

Yesterday as I was on my way back home from exercising,
I noticed a woman struggling to cross the street with a walker. She could barely move her legs,
I was on the phone with my mother, walking on the sidewalk enjoying the Florida sunshine when all of a sudden something made me turn around.
I saw so many cars speeding by,
I thought for sure somebody was gonna run her over. I hung up with my mother, and then I ran across the street towards her, and said “Hi let me help you, I wanna help you!”I noticed the traffic wasn’t stopping for you let me help you cross the street.
At first she looked at me apprehensively which I understand because I came up out of nowhere, then she looked at my face surprised but, I could tell she was relieved once she saw that I was sincere.  I was truly shocked by the lack of compassion that I witnessed,
I mean clearly this woman was handicapped and forced to be in a dangerous situation all by herself, yet nobody cared.
None of the cars stopped for her
and nobody offered to help.
I started to walk with her and I had to stop the cars with my hands and pray they wouldn’t hit us both.
Once we safely crossed the street I asked her where she wanted to go, she said she needed to pick up a few things at the supermarket, so I offered to walk with her and help
As we walked on the street the wheels kept getting stuck in between the bricks of the cobblestone.
That was when I noticed there weren’t enough sidewalks for someone in a wheelchair or walker, and that none of the streets or sidewalks were smooth enough for the wheels on her walker. I also l didn’t see any ramps until we were almost in front of the store.
By now she told me her name was Amy and that she lived alone with 2 cats. I couldn’t help but to admire her strength and courage, because even if I hadn’t come along to help her I believe she would of tried to do it alone.
She thanked me and told me to go on my way, that she would be fine, I insisted on going into the store with her but she said no.
So we said our good byes and I continued on my way home.
Once I got to my apartment I broke down crying, I felt saddened by the world in which we live in. When did we become so cold and desensitized?
Our humanity has become cruel and heartless. I saw with my own eyes just how blind we’ve become, I saw so many people so caught up in their lives and meaningless jobs, looking like zombies rushing and speeding only to get to a red light.
I saw the hard reality of living life in her shoes and this tore me up inside, I was angry at the world
It seemed that nobody cared, and Instead of giving the right of way to a handicapped pedestrian they ignored her, they ignored me.
For once I saw what it
was to feel helpless and powerless in a world that isn’t made or constructed to accommodate the elderly or the handicapped.
I couldn’t get Amy out of my mind, I wish I could of done more to help her.
It makes me sad to know that there are so many people like Amy, that have to live alone without the help of a family member or a friend.
Her bravery is admirable and an
inspiration to me. I hold her in my prayers and I hope someday we meet again.

“Chasing Dreams “
By Indigo Sky 4/11/18

I was sucked into the whirlpool
of life, living for others and
trying to live up to the expectations of being a successful artist.
I remember being immersed
In numerous projects that I would become overwhelmed.
My typical day would consist of
forcing myself out of bed after barely sleeping 4 or 5 hours, thanks to my anxiety related insomnia, that would kick in on the night of an audition.
I would toss and turn and obsess over getting the lyrics and notes right.
So after waking up I would make a pot of coffee and gulp down 2 cups in order to feel the jolt that I desperately needed
in order to begin a day in my crazy world.
I get dressed to workout on
the treadmill, eat, shower, then do my vocal exercises, before I can begin to practice my song for the audition.
Only after I felt confident,
would I then proceed to get dressed. Procrastination has run deep for most of my life.
Since I can remember, I would wait for the last minute to gather all of my things.
My missing keys, pictures, Bio, and my music.
Then like a crazy “New Yorker!”
I fly down my stairs and out
to the street where I would have to fight for a cab during rush hour.
3rd Avenue looked like a race track full of yellow taxis’s speeding, and even cutting
each other off for the next passenger.
So as I’m starting out of the window, I can see the chaos of the city in full effect. I could feel the rush of million dreams and deals being made.
I was one in the millions
of other people chasing their dreams just like me.