I am here to awaken the masses, to help those that are feeling lost and hopeless.
I am here to remind you of something that we all possess,
and that is our inner light.
I have begun my awakening.

We all have the power to harness the cosmic energy in the universe and with these affirmations, your life can transform.

I am love,
I am light,
I am abundant and prosperous.
I attract good things and positive
outcomes. I am magnetic to like minded people with enlightened souls.
I am a light worker sent here
to help awaken those lost in
the matrix better known as “life
on earth” or shall I say the “3rd Dimension”.
I long to share the beauty of
trusting in Jesus Christ our lord.
There’s a certain deep rooted comfort that comes with this awareness.

A pure and simple joy that brings
happiness, yet my words could never truly describe what only needs to be felt.
Trusting in God and trusting in the  universe and knowing that our thoughts create our outcomes, can help to make you aware of just how powerful and magnetic our thoughts can be.
We are here to live, to learn,
and to grow, while giving back
by helping others to awaken.
We must learn to love with open hearts, and to remember that
we are all here to shine our “inner light”.
We are here to find our way back home,”to the one and only divine source of love and beauty, that is our father, “Jesus Christ.”

By Indigo Sky

“Spirit Moved Me”

By Indigo sky 4/4/18

Jesus came to me.
I felt his Spirit, it poured thru me
Illuminating my heart,
my life, and my soul.

I shed tears from a million
Years ago,
I was burdened by my past,
Tormented by the sins,
I thought I buried underneath
the layers of lies, that were
swept away and hidden under the rug.

I have surrendered, my eyes have opened. I felt the spirit move me, His love is powerful. His love is everything I needed.

I long to be in his presence,
To be surrounded in his glory and light Revealing the truth that he’s never left my side.